Steps to Digital Marketing Automation Success

Marketing Automation Steps


When you truly understand your customers, you are ready to begin developing your marketing automation process.  This is why even though marketing automation is an automated process, it only works as well as you set it up. And to properly set things up, you need to understand what causes your customers pain so you can help ease it.

Marketing Automation Step11- Step one is setting SMART goals based on what you know and what you want. If you know you need 500 incoming site visits to generate 5 new leads, make that your goal and drive headlong toward that goal, measuring as you go.
Marketing Automation Step 22- Marketing automation organizes you content for better engagement. So whenever possible answer customers’ questions. Marketing automation might seem drastically different than the digital marketing strategies of the last few years, but that’s not the case. It uses the same tried and true tactics – content, social media and email, only better.

Marketing Automation Step 33- Bridge the gaps that may exist between sales and marketing departments. Transparency and unity can impact end results. Small businesses often have so much work piled onto not enough people that leads fall by the wayside. And within larger companies, a misalignment between sales and marketing is often the culprit of too many leads left unconverted.

Marketing Automation Step 44- Track every step or activity between first contact and closing of the sell.  With the amount of access we have to data and information in today’s word, not knowing is never acceptable. If you establish a closed-loop reporting process that tracks your leads as they travel along your funnel, you’ll always be in the know.

Marketing Automation Step 55- Marketing automation is personal and everything will not work the same way all the time, so test, test and test because improvement is always possible. Landing pages, blog posts, emails and social posts all need to be tested and tweaked until they are delivering optimal results. There’s no reason to settle for less when a little bit of effort can help you maximize the dollars you spend on digital marketing.




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